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Mainstage Professional Makeup Kit
Product Name: Mainstage Professional Makeup Kit Product Number: 786994 

Mainstage Professional Makeup Kit

Description: Mainstage Theatrical Supply, Inc. has combined products into one great kit from one of the best stage makeup manufactures in the country - Ben Nye. This kit has all the essentials for a makeup artist, actor/actress, or for everyday use for the makeup enthusiast! From glamour to gore, this kit has all your makeup needs. This is a male/femail kit for Theatre, Video, Film and Photography. Packed inside of sturdy Aluminum case with adjustable compartments for even more of your makeup needs.
Items include: 4 applicators, 3 brushes (two flat, blush, and liner brush), 3 eye liners, 4 foundation colors and two cover wheels ranging in skin tone, lipstick, 5 different eye shadows (flat and sheen), 3 character wheels with a rainbow of creme colors, white hair color, spirit gum and remover, cleanser, latex, wrinkle stipple, mascara and stage blood.

Important!!! Makeup Shipping Information
Mainstage is not responsible for makeup products affected by heat during shipping. When placing your order, please take into consideration the composition of makeup you are purchasing as well as the time of year. Generally, we suggest 3 day shipping maximum for orders delivered from May to October, with overnight shipping in July and August. Makeup is shipped from Florida, Tennessee or California via UPS.

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