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SmartFade™ Control Console 1248
Product Name: SmartFade™ Control Console 1248 Product Number: 302700 
ETC Smart Solutions SmartFade™  Control Console
ETC's Smart Solutions™ mean simple but powerful lighting gear for every event.  Get your own ETC Smart lighting system -set it up and light anywhere like a pro.  There are even compact and affordable Smart Solutions™ for permanent lighting needs.  All backed up by smart 24/7 ETC customer service. Call a Mainstage office for a quote tailored to your needs and budget.

SmartFade™ Control Console:  A little console with big console attitude.  Use it as your main board or back up.  For beginners or pros.

~Compact and feature-rich
~MIDI / DMX In and Out
~Two scene, normal and DMX backup modes
~24-step sequences (48 available)
~Color-coded backlit units
~LCD menu
~SD card slot for show backup
~SmartFade 1248 rackmountable
~One year warranty on parts and workmanship

A note from ETC: The SmartFade 1296 is perfect for TV studios, small control booths and industrials that need small size and lots of channels.  Caution: Using 4-channel pages is not for everyone and keeping track of "what channel is where" requires clever use of write on strips! The 1296 is best suited for advanced users with specific needs for higher channel counts.

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