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Liquid Hair Color - 1 oz
Product Name: Liquid Hair Color - 1 oz Product Number: 695 

Ben Nye Liquid Hair Color
1 oz. bottle

Ben Nye, Sr. pioneered Silver Grey and it still has the right balance between silver and grey, appearing realistic for stage and film.  Apply with a toothbrush and style easily without the stiffness associated with spray hair colors.  Avoid use on chemically treated hair.  Test before use.  Expect 3-10 applications per ounce.

Silver Grey: The original age hair color.  Realistic silvery-grey age tone with subtle metallic highlights.
Snow White: Use to age dark brown or black hair.  Streak into Silver Grey or Dark Grey to brighten highlights. Excellent for Santa's beard and brows.
Midnite Black: Completely blackens hair for dramatic effects.  Caution: black hair coloring may smudge. Avoid contact with hands and constuming.

Liquid Hair Color available in 1 oz., 2 oz., 8 oz. and 16oz. bottles.  Note: not all colors available in all sizes.

Application Tip!! To temporarily hide a bald spot, apply liquid hair color with a stipple sponge or brush.  Gently paint texture onto scalp and allow to dry.  Color will dry matte and smudge-resistant. Remove with Hydra Cleanse or shampoo and water.

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