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Special Effects

American DJ

  Quality and affordable special effects lighting for DJ's and Clubs.

  Value - Innovation -Performance DJ and club effects

  Crawford International Theatrical Corporation is a family owned and operated business creating and upgrading award winning special effects equipment producing haze, fog, mist, bubbles, wind, snow, confetti, foam, and more.

  Diversitronics is a manufacturer of special effects lighting including DMX and Analog strobe lights, ultra high power fixtures and continuous emission Hyperflash systems.
High End Systems

  Produces and delivers the world-wide quality automated luminaires, amazing lighting consoles, and pure, saturated dichroics.

  Make every event spectacular with Kabuki Confetti and Streamers
Le Maitre

  Le Maitre Special Effects Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of special effects equipment including fog, haze, bubbles, snow, dry ice, and simulated flames.

  Producer and distributor of intelligent lighting, smoke machines, and indoor and outdoor architecural and promotional lighting.

  The Meteor Product Line offers a wide range of Special Lighting Effects for the Club, Discotheque and Theatrical Environments.
Rosco Laboratories

  Manufacturers a complete range of Theatrical Industry Supplies, from Gels to Gobos, Paint to Special FX, Flooring to Hardware.

  Ultraviolet visual effects for film, television, theatrical productions, music tours, nightclubs, entertainment centers, themed architectural environments and amusement parks around the world.

  Color Scrollers and Mixers used in creating awesome theatrical light shows.