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Moving Light Fixtures

American DJ

  Quality and affordable lighting fixtures for DJ's and clubs

  Value - Innovation - Performance DJ and club Effects.
Clay Paky

  Quality moving light fixtures.

  Coemar manufacturers quality theatrical fixtures, specializing in amazing moving head fixtures and outdoor cyc lights.
Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)

  ETC has become one of the leading manufacturers of high technology lighting fixtures with their Source Four Line of Ellipsoidals and Pars.
High End Systems

  Produces and delivers the world-wide quality automated luminaires, amazing lighting consoles, and pure, saturated dichroics.

  Producer and distributor of intellegent lighting, smoke machines, and indoor and outdoor architecural and promotional lighting.
Robe America

  Robe, a moving light manufacturer, creates robust and well-engineered products that are familiar to those who's been using Futurelight, Movietec, Saggiter and TAS brands which have been produced by Robe as an OEM manufacturer for some years.