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Dimming & Controls

Applied Electronics

  Applied Electronics manufactures and distributes trussing, portable crank lifts, ground support systems, roof systems, dimmers, lighting controllers, power distribution and other accessories.

  A division of Leviton/NSI, the Colortran family of dimming represents a broad spectrum of sizes and capacities.
Doug Fleenor Design

  Doug Fleenor Design is a manufacturer of DMX512 distribution and interface equipment for the entertainment industry. A long and growing list of standard products is supplemented by a custom design service which provides solutions to unique problems
Dove Systems

  High quality lighting control and dimming equipment for theatre, clubs, schools, churches, and television.

  Whether the application be in theatre, television, touring applications, themed environments, or architectural control, Electrol Engineering was formed to meet and exceed the strenuous demands of the international entertainment field.
Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)

  A complete line of high quality dimming and controls from manual to full computers, portable packs to permanent racks.
Electronics Diversified, Inc (EDI)

  "The Control Specialists" with dimming solutions for the Architectural and Performance Venues.
Entertainment Technologies (ET)

  ET is noted as the manufacturer of the IPS dimming system utilizing IGBT technology, a power device which replaces the SCR's and chokes in traditional dimmers.
High End Systems

  Produces and delivers the world-wide quality automated luminaires, amazing lighting consoles, and pure, saturated dichroics.
Johnson Systems Inc. (JSI)

  A progressive manufacturer of lighting control products and systems designed for entertainment and architectural lighting. JSI specialize in complete digital conversions of existing dimmers to the performance of current technology.

  Helps people who must work in low light environments by supplying efficient, unobtrusive task lighting instruments.

  Lightronics manufactures lighting dimmers and controllers for use in churches, theaters, schools, restaurants, as well as a host of other applications where lighting needs to be controlled by a reliable commercial grade dimming system.
Performance Electric

  Performance Electric manufactures a complete line of stage and studio electrical distribution equipment using only the highest quality materials and workmanship.
Sand Network Systems (Sandsys)

  Sandsys designs and manufactures hardware and software utilizing industry standard network and communication technologies. They work with Ethernet and USB, entertainment specific protocols like DMX and MIDI, DALI the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, W-DMX wireless technology, and the emerging RDM & ACN and Enhanced DALI standards.

  SSRC manufactures connector strips, outlet boxes, multi-conductor cable and accessories, pipe grids and accessories and custom electrical distribution products using the highest quality equipment.

  Strand Lighting offers a full range of luminaires, dimming equipment, control systems and software to answer the creative needs of lighting designers working in theatre, television, film, themed environments and sophisticated architectural applications.