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This catalog is a representative sample of the products MainStage carries. We are authorized dealers for many industry vendors and have access to a variety of products and parts.

Can't find what you are looking for? We can help source even the most obscure of items. In fact, after 35 years in the industry, we might just have that random out-of-stock part waiting for you.

Download the Complete Catalog  now, or see below for links to specific category sections.

The Mainstage Online Store is also available for placing orders! Not all catalog items are in the store, but there is an extensive selection of popular consumable items, fixtures and more.

Please pardon us as we are currently updating our catalog for 2019! For questions about products not listed, availability and prices call our toll-free number to speak to a specialist! 888.936.7687

Mics, Headsets, Lecturns, PA Systems Audio
Microphones, headsets, lecturns, PA systems
Gel Sheets, Sleeves, Rolls, Kits Color Media
Gel sheets, sleeves, rolls, kits, swatchbooks

Control Consoles & Accessories

Control Consoles & Accessories
Consoles, transmitter/receivers, gateways, switches, relays, repeaters, repeaters, gadgets & gizmos
All About Curtains Curtains
MainStage maintains three curtain fabrication shops, run by experienced seamsters. This section explains fabric types, curtain terms, and specifications. There's also a quick guide to assist you in obtaining measurements for a free estimate on new or replacement curtains.
Dimming and Distribution Dimming
Portable and wall mount packs, switches, panels, systems, modules, controls, strips.
Followspots Followspots
Short throws to long throws. A variety of followspots to meet a variety of needs.
House Lighting House Lighting
A "new" section in MainStage's catalog. These LED fixtures are energy efficient and dimmable. Section includes downlights, lowlights, multi-cells, worklights and replacement lamps.
Lamps Lamps
Incandescent, quartz, specialty. This section also lists lamp base type codes and descriptions and offers some industry tips and tidbits.
Lighing Accessories Lighting Accessories
Frames, donuts, top hats, barn doors, holders, sockets, cables & connectors, stands & lifts
Lighting Effects

Lighting & Special Effects
Blacklight, UV, gobo effects, gobo rotators, rippling light or water effects, fog and haze machines, mirror balls, faux flames and more.

Lighting Fixtures Lighting Fixtures
MainStage carries a plethora of fixture lines from a multitude of premier industry manufacturers. From traditional ellipsoidals, fresnels and PARs to LED moving heads, cute cubes with big output, washes, spots and Litepads. Oh, MY!
Stage Makeup Makeup
From the basics to the very advanced, MainStage supplies it all. Foundations, powders, kits big and small, brushes, wax and latex, cleaners and removers. This is just a small sampling.
Paint, Coatings & Accessories Paint, Coatings & Accessories
Professional scenery paint, sample kits, brushes, various coatings for dimensional effects, varnishes. Also, bogus paper.
Patterns Patterns
Steel, glass, plastic. For traditional fixtures or LED. Sizes to fit any fixture, with a huge variety of standard patterns to choose from. Custom patterns can be quickly made and duplicated as needed.
Production and Set Materials Production & Set Materials
Breakaway bottles, c-clamps, canned diffusion, curtain making accessories, fabrics, fluids (fog, haze, snow, bubble), ladders, lifts, mirrors, projection screen, rigging hardware, safety cables, sandbags, scenery hardware, safety harness, Setwear, shaping fabrics (Wonderflex, Fosshape), snow, tape (dance floor, electrical, gaffers, glow, spike, TV & video)
Rigging, Track and Truss Rigging, Track & Truss
This section explains what we can do for you, using counterweight and motorized rigging and truss equipment and systems.
Staging and Seating Staging and Seating
Dance floors, adhesives and cleaners, portable barres, crowd control, pipe & drape, platforms, theatre seating
Studio and TV Supplies Studio & TV Supplies
Accessories and gear specific to studio and television production: filters, flashpacks, foils, paint, fabric, stands, lightbanks and more
Studio and TV Fixtures Studio & TV Fixtures
Lighting specific to television, cinematography, videography, photography - location and studio.
Teaching and Presentation Aids Teaching & Presentation Aids
Projectors, books, Lightwright, DVDs and CDs, templates
Video Equipment Video Equipment
Video wall panels, controls and control systems. Indoor and outdoor.