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Curtain, Track and Drop Specifications

Below are the specifications typically used on a curtain or drop; this is the information needed for a custom quote on curtains, drops or track.  Please contact a Mainstage office near you for further information.

Basic Specifications for Drops
 1)  3 1/2" BFM grade jute webbing at the top
 2)  5" minimum bottom hem pipe pocket
 3)  3" minimum side turns
 4)  #3 brass black anodized grommets with 30" tie lines

Basic Specifications for Curtains
 1)  Pleated curtains with 50% fullness, pleats on 12" centers
 2)  3 1/2 BFM grade jute webbing reinforcement at top of curtain
 3)  No horizontal splices in vertical panels
 4)  Each complete curtain made from fabric of the same dye lot
 5)  All selvages diagonally snipped to prevent puckering
 6)  Bottom hems for draws and legs to be a minimum 5", border hems a minimum of 3"
 7)  Minimum 8" side hems at center of draw curtains and minimum 3" side hems for remainder
 8)  #8 zinc coated steel jack chain for bottom hem weight.  Chain to be sewn into a separate flameproof muslin pocket.
 9)  #3 brass black anodized grommets when required with 30" tie lines
 10)  Quality bag hooks riveted to curtain through 1/2" heavyweight tie line or bit snaps in grommets, when required

Information needed to provide curtain, drop, cyc, scrim or track quote
 1)  What is the height of the curtain? Measure from floor to the top of webbing.
 2)  What is the width of the curtain at the webbing? Measure one half of draw curtains.
 3)  Is the curtain pleated or flat? If pleated, we recommend 50% fullness.
 4)  What type of fasteners are currently used? Typically, snaps for draw curtains, grommets and ties for borders and legs.
 5)  What type of fabric?  We recommend velour for front curtains and valances, and either velour, Repp or Icon for the remaining locations.