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Project Management

Mainstage Project Managers and Coordinators are totally hands on: they are involved in every aspect of the project.  As liason for contractors, owners, and vendors, they oversee the entire project from reviewing the original bill of materials, creating submittals, scheduling materials delivery and installation to sending out the close out documents.

Our one toll free number - 888.936.7687 - connects you to any of our outstanding team members, in any location.

David Krajec
Project Manager
Fritzi Schwenkhoff
Project Coordinator
Nic Trapani
Project Manager

Michael Albright   ”Brandon
Michael Albright
Project Manager - Int'l  
Brandon Veal
Project Manager - Rigging 

Tripp Oliver
Systems & Design Manager 

 ”Trista  Jaz James  Nick Gibbon
Trista Benson
Project Coordinator 

Jaz James
Rigging Project Asst

Nick Gibbon
CAD Operator

Charles McGowan
Rigging Project Asst