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Theatrical and Stage Lighting Fixtures

Theatrical Lighting Fixtures are used to light plays, concerts, and other live performances, as well as TV studios and sound stages. More and more theatrical lighting is used in areas other than the stage, such as restaurants, churches, nightclubs or exhibits.

Fixtures can be loosely categorized two ways; fixed or moving. Fixed stay in place and require a human operator to manually direct the focus of the beam. Moving fixtures are controlled by electronics and re-programmed for a variety of effects including moving, color changing and image rotation or change.

There are several broadly defined types of stage fixtures. These are used alone or in conjunction with each other as well as with dimming and/or control components to create any kind of effect imaginable.

Mainstage is proud to provide fixtures from the finest manufacturers such as ETC, Altman, Strand, Lighting & Electronics and Color Kinetics (to name a few).

Kahunaville Dell-Wisconsin Dells, WI.

Teatro del Lago-Frutillar, Chile


Ellipsoidals: Generally fixed focus spotlights which produce
a high intensity sharp or soft edge beam. Ranging in size
with various focal lengths. These fixtures are also used for
pattern projection.

Fresnel Spotlights: Used primarily where a controllable, soft-edge lighting source is required. Fresnels are normally used for down, back and side lighting. The beam width is changed by moving the lamp closer or further from the lens.  


First Baptist Church-Fairhope, AL.

Borderlights: Multi-lamp, compartmented striplighting
luminaries designed to produce a wash of light the width
of the stage. They are available wired for three or four circuit operation for color separation or blending. Generally used for lighting scenery or cycloramas and backdrops. Borderlights can use both gel and glass roundels for color medium choices.


  Follow Spots: Mounted on a swivel base and used in any application where manual control of an
intense lighting beam is required to follow a
performer. The beam of light is similar to an
ellipsoidal, but with controls to allow beam
shaping and color changing. 


Moving Lights: There is a huge variety of fixtures
available for moving, spinning, pulsing, and color
or pattern changing effects.These fixtures are
made with moving heads and / or yokes which
move the entire fixture body, or with moving
mirror/scanner, which redirects the light by
panning and/or tilting the mirror.


RSA GM Building-Mobile, AL.

CYC/Flood/Scoop lights: Similar to borderlights, with a specially
shaped reflector, produce a very broad, asymmetrical soft field of
light used to light cyc and backdrop from top to bottom. These
lights are available in one to four cell units used either from ground
or from fly pipes.


  Par: Parabolic Aluminized Reflector are low-cost,
highly flexible luminaries designed for diverse
applications. They emit a rectangular soft wedged
pool of light generally used to produce intense
washes of light.Traditional PARs are self
contained with lamp, lens and parabolic reflector
combined into one unit, and requiring a lamp change
to effect field size.More recent products have
seperate lamps and reflectors with interchangable


LED: Light-Emitting Diodes burn longer, require less maintenance, are cooler,
have a "purer" light and are extremely economical to run. LEDs are used in
fixtures, tiles, submersibles, spots, washes, color changers and video projectors.


  Blacklights: High intensity discharge lighting fixtures
which produce a wash of near ultraviolet light for effect, and cause white reflective and specially treated surfaces to become fluorescent while dark or absorptive surfaces to become invisible.