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Our services
How We Do It

MainStage Theatrical Supply, Inc. is one of the leading entertainment suppliers in the U.S. with over $26 million in annual sales of lighting and dimming equipment, rigging and curtain systems, effects, and theatre and television supplies. 

We offer extensive entertainment supplies and services from our offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Pensacola, Florida; Memphis, Tennessee; and Houston, Texas.

The Milwaukee, Pensacola and Memphis locations maintain a large stock of basic theater and entertainment supplies for immediate purchase. All our locations have trained sales staff who can discuss the newest technology in equipment and supply. We also employ a satellite field sales and service technician in New Orleans. 

Our service area includes North, Central and South Americas as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands, Nigeria and the Dominican Republic. Our staff’s experience is unmatched by our competitors.

MainStage is an ETCP Employer with employees certified in both electronic and rigging equipment.


Custom Lighting Systems


Custom Curtain Manufacturing


Rigging System Design & Installation


Makeup, Stage & Studio Supplies


Rentals for Stage Enhancement


Top to Bottom Repairs