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Lighting and Dimming Systems
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Lighting and Dimming Systems

Our thousands of dimming equipment and control projects have included everything from new construction and renovations to complicated interfaces of control consoles and integration of equipment from various top manufacturers. We are proud to handle supplies from ETC, Altman, Color Kinetics, Mega Systems, Canto, Strand, Leviton, Harmon and High End.

Lighting supply: We offer custom lighting systems, including our expert supervision of the installation and on-site maintenance and training.

Lighting design services: Design services can include a free quotation on any replacement equipment or low-cost bid document preparation. Custom consultation services can include basic recommendations to written specifications and CAD drawings. This can cover the complete facility including:

  • Stage and auditorium dimensions
  • Lighting and control
  • Stage curtains and rigging
  • Sound systems
  • Flooring
  • Catwalk placement
  • Construction
  • Related infrastructure

Dimming units are controlled by remote preset or computer consoles and are available in small and large dimmer packs, strips, or rack-mounted modular units.
Remote control consoles are available as foot switched, single and two scene presets, custom memory, and PC-based memory systems.

Download The MainStage Catalog to learn more about our lighting and dimming products and services. Or call us – our expert team is here to help you get the best options for the lighting systems you need.


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