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Set and Scenery Supplies
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Set and Scenery Supplies

MainStage carries top-quality set and scenery products from trusted suppliers. Our full range of tested set supplies help you create a great look while meeting strict safety standards. 

MainStage scenery products include: 

  • Paint lines
  • Ultraviolet paint effects
  • Rosco Foamcoat, Wonderflex and Fosshape
  • Rosco Flamex in six flame retardant products
  • Scenery muslin
  • Vinyl floors
  • Breakaway bottles
  • Gaff tape
  • Lamps
  • Spike tape
  • Fog and bubble machines and fluid
  • Glow tape
  • And more!

See the full scope of our scenery products in our Production and Set Materials Catalog.

For information on safety coatings, see our Paint, Coatings and Accessories Catalog.

Need more help or advice? Our expert team has the knowledge and experience to optimize your lighting, stage, and sets. Contact us!


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